About Us

Mr. James T. Irwin and his son Larry established J and L Plants in the Spring of 1973. The greenhouses are located in Amarillo, TX and have been family owned and operated for over 40 years. The original operation consisted of six gutter-connected greenhouses, totaling 30,000 square feet. J and L Plants has grown a number of different potted flowering crops including: Kalanchoe, Geranium, Chrysanthemum, Begonia, Poinsettia, Exacum and Crossandra. For the past 30 years the company’s main crop has been Kalanchoe blossfeldiana but we have also continued to cultivate geraniums, begonias and assorted succulents.

Today, Larry Irwin and his two sons, Jarratt and Tanner, operate the business and range of greenhouses. The greenhouse range now consists of 25 gutter-connected houses, totaling over 125,000 square feet. As market demands change so will the product mix offered at J and L Plants.


Lawrence T. Irwin is the President and Founder of J&L Plants. Larry was raised in Canyon, Texas where he graduated from High School in 1967. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1972 with a degree in Floriculture. He was production manager at Irwin Greenhouses, Inc. from 1972 to 1973. From 1973 to present he has been involved with J&L Plants. During this time Larry and his father were involved in breeding and distributing Kalanchoes. Together they hold seventeen plant patents for Kalanchoes. Larry is a lifetime member of the Texas State Florist Association. In the past he has served on the growers council and various committees of the Society of American Florists. He has been married to his wife Mary for 37 years and they have four children.

Tanner Irwin is currently the Director of Operations at J&L Plants. He has worked at J&L Plants since he was a child and grew up laboring in the greenhouses. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 2009 after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture. While enrolled at Texas Tech, he worked at the University Research Greenhouse as a horticultural assistant. Tanner returned to work at J&L after graduating in 2009 and he is currently responsible for day-to-day business operations and customer relations.

Jarratt Irwin has been working at J&L Plants full-time since 2010 and currently serves as the company's Director of Horticulture. Jarratt earned a B.S. in Horticulture from Texas Tech University in 2005 and a Master of Horticulture degree from Texas A&M University in 2009. Jarratt has held many different jobs in the field of horticulture. His work experiences include; horticultural and viticultural advising, teaching Horticulture classes at TAMU and TTU, and completion of a plant breeding internship at Fides BV in De Leir, Netherlands. Since moving back home in 2010 to work in the family business, Jarratt has been responsible for overseeing new projects and existing horticultural programs.